Platinum Fitness enlarged its already sizable gym Thursday with the grand opening of its new 7,200-square-foot training facility.

Verona Council Member Kevin Ryan, Verona Chamber of Commerce President Steven Amadeo and Montclair Mayor Jerry Fried were all on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony in the new space formerly occupied by Blockbuster Video.

“It looks beautiful,” said Amadeo.

The facility boasts TRX suspension training, boxing – both kickboxing and heavy bag workouts – with a full set of punching bags, and battling ropes along with the usual free weights, kettle bells and balance balls. Stationed around the periphery of the room, the training equipment lines the walls with an open expanse at the center.

“The new room is purely for personal training,” said Fitness Director Phil Strohmeyer, who noted both individual and small group classes can train simultaneously in the large space.

“It gets pretty active,” he said of the space, which opened just a few weeks ago.

Much of the equipment is designed to be versatile and provide a full-body workout, explained personal trainer Paul O’Conner.

“A lot of people do the same thing at the gym,” he said. But it’s best to mix it up, according to O’Conner. He asserted clients see better results if they vary their routine. As a personal trainer, O’Conner saw it as his job to think outside the box and come up with innovative workout routines.

“The more clients incorporate things outside their comfort zone the better [the workout] is,” he stressed.

O’Connor demonstrated the battling ropes which are long, thick nautical-inspired ropes which provide for full-body, high intensity workouts in short spurts. Very short spurts. A 30- to 45-second continuous motion exercise is enough to get the heart racing and is great for a cardiovascular workout, O’Conner said.

TRX suspension training may also be outside the comfort zone of some with it’s various cords and strings and handles, but it too conditions the whole body, according to personal trainer Laraine Miras.

“People think it’s not going to be hard because it doesn’t involve weights,” she noted. But they would be wrong. Miras pointed out TRX was developed by the Navy Seals to keep soldiers conditioned and fit in the field during deployments. It works virtually anywhere, she said, by using the force of the person’s body weight.

Miras did emphasize though the exercise is suitable for all fitness levels because the degree of difficulty can be adjusted to each individual’s level.

“The class is non-stop,” Miras added. “It’s a good workout.”

Platinum Fitness is located at 309 Pompton Ave. in Verona. For personal training appointments and classes or more information visit their site or call (973) 857-2500.