Ballerinas.jpgBy now I know you have all heard about the dance competition in which a group of 7-year-old girls, dressed essentially as prostitutes, performed to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” And won.

But I can’t let this one slip past me without commenting. A huge mistake has been made.
The song choice was all wrong.

I’m confident “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls would have been a much better pick for the choreography. You know that song. It goes, “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?”

You know what I wish? I wish little girls were not sexualized and made to perform provocative dance routines. And, I wish to know who thought this was a good idea?

Apparently, more than one person must have because five girls were on the team that performed in this national competition. That means at least ten parents thought dressing their little girls as strippers to perform an act congruent with the place of business associated with the outfits (minus the pole), was a brilliant idea. What’s worse is that a group of judges from the World of Dance competition agreed.

I want names and numbers.

The judges, I feel, deserve to be disbarred. And the parents? Clearly, their faculties are impaired. Is it not hard enough for the average parent to contend with the 15-year-old mini-celebrities monopolizing children’s television both in shows and music videos (and performing poorly at both)? Is it not hard enough to find an appropriate outfit for a little girl, one that neither has a sewn-in bra for a five-year-old nor a message written across the butt? Is it not hard enough to shut out the relentless barrage of media images broadcasting beauty ideals to women, and increasingly to young girls, that are impossible to attain and yet held up as the standard so as to make them feel perpetually inadequate and defeated?

But to enter this world deliberately, willingly and at earlier and earlier ages, I truly can’t comprehend. I wish I had never heard of baby beauty pageants. I wish I never learned of pole dancing parties (which, oddly, are held for women and not for men). And, I wish never had the twain met. But now that they have, you can watch it on YouTube.

Or you could have a week ago. Strangely, the video of the girls’ dance routine is no longer available on YouTube. Wonder why.

(Photo: Flickr: Parksy1964)