Things are still relatively quiet at 279 Bloomfield Ave., the new home of “Jerseylicious” reality star Anthony Lombardi’s salon, but that’s just because they’re settling in. This week is the salon’s soft opening, but Lombardi is planning a grand opening for next month.

The sleek new space was a big undertaking for Lombardi, who has just about quadrupled his size from the tiny, four-chair salon he first opened in Verona six years ago. And, as with all construction projects, this one wasn’t quite completed by the time Lombardi had hoped. He planned on opening in April.

Asked about the transition, the ever-energetic and optimistic Lombardi said, “So far so good.” But he admitted he’s still “trying to figure out where everything is.”

“That’s why we do a soft opening,” he explained.

Soft or not, the salon is open so get in before the word is out.

The chic new space is styled in a black and white modern graphic design with light gray walls and hardwood floors. A large color table sits in back just beyond the eight stations, and black cube ottomans run down the center of the salon for extra seating. The whole space is brightened by bold splashes of yellow and offers a large, comfortable, living-room-like waiting area.

To go along with the big space, Lombardi has big plans. A Thursday night “Blowout Lounge” is in the works for clients to come in to get done up before going out. Lombardi will even get the party started with wine and cheese for all those eager to kick off the weekend early.

He’s also batting around the idea of a “Cutting Café” as he calls it. If he decides to give it a go, as he most likely will, the “cafe” will be open for a few hours on Sundays for a relaxed, low-key kind of cut.

Of course, the new place wouldn’t be as Jerseylicious without a few of Lombardi’s castmates.

Fan fav Tracy DiMarco will be on hand along with Fashion, but so will the not-seen-on-TV stars from the previous location including Verona native, colorist and stylist Jeff Greenfield as well as Kristin Okaly.

The new salon will also fall under the artistic eye of Creative Director, Nicole Obert, who hails from the Nick Arojjo Studio in Manhattan and was a runner up in Season Two of the reality TV show “Shear Genius.”

Anthony Robert Salon
279 Bloomfield Ave.
(973) 857-1922

Tue. 9-6
Wed. 9-8
Thur. 9-9
Fri. 9-6 (maybe later)
Sat. 9-5