I don’t know what’s up with the Tooth Fairy these days. She must be sitting down on the job or something because on numerous occasions and for both my children she has forgotten to drop in, collect the tooth and leave some cold, hard cash behind. My kids are so used to it by now, they take the disappointment pretty much in stride. My husband and I cover for the Fairy, saying she was probably busy. We’re certain she’ll come though if we place the tooth under the pillow one more time. And she usually does.

But, really, what kind of Tooth Fairy does that? A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad one, I tell you.

I blame my husband. He’s in charge of special projects – the book reports, the odd solar system science project, the miscellaneous oral presentations. And to me mythical creatures fall under that category. I handle the day-to-day stuff – the nightly homework, the shuffling to extracurricular activities, the constant scheduling and rescheduling of three lives (mine plus two kids). I just can’t cram one more thing into my already over-stuffed brain. I know I’ll mess up. That’s why I put Kevin on the job.

Usually, Kevin’s pretty reliable, but every now and then he slips up. Last week at the end of a long wait for a wiggly tooth to fall out, our daughter awoke to find her tooth still under her pillow and no renumeration where it should be. Kevin had already left for work, and I felt awful that the stupid Tooth Fairy bungled this one after such a highly anticipated event – we knew for weeks that sucker was moments away from falling out of her head. I felt so terrible in fact that when my daughter left her room, I overcompensated for the Tooth Fairy’s oversight. I snuck into my daughter’s room and put some cash under a different pillow to fool her into thinking she just missed the money the first time around. Later when Lily went to make her bed she found the $2 I left. (I concluded the money was left along with the tooth because the Tooth Fairy must not have been able to find the tooth in the dark).

Ordinarily, the Tooth Fairy leaves a dollar per tooth so Lily doubled her money on that little mistake. Not too shabby. I actually think $1 is quite generous for a tiny, useless tooth. I really don’t know what value a tooth has once it’s been detached from a head, and I can’t fathom why anyone would pay for someone else’s used tooth. If they do I don’t know why they would pay more than a couple of cents. But that’s just me. My husband seems to think our children should be generously compensated for anything they do or anything that falls out of their heads.

Thankfully, we dodged the bullet this time, but we can’t be the only ones with an unruly Fairy on our hands. Has your Tooth Fairy ever gone MIA? How did you handle the forgetful Fairy?

(Photo: Flickr/Dr.Bacchus)