I just found out Liam McDermott has a Twitter account. What? That’s preposterous! But first I had to ask, “Who is Liam McDermott?”

It turns out he is a 3-year-old boy, son of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

My second thought was can the kid even type?

To find out, I logged onto the site, where I was invited to “get short, timely messages from Liam McDermott” by following him @liamsworld. As enticing as that sounds, I’m not sure what timely events Liam would be covering in his tweets. By the looks of his most recent posts, followers can learn a lot about his bathroom habits and his feelings on the television shows to which his mother subjects him. He has come around in his thinking on “Bethanny Getting Married,” through repeated exposures, although he still prefers “Scooby Doo.”

No, child prodigy and/or baby genius he is not.

He provides typical toddler chatter in 140 characters or less. Or, rather, his mother does. As his bio states, his Twitter account delivers daily quotes as dictated to his mother. Daily quotes? Dictated? More like random blabber his mother thinks the world is anxious to hear. But does the world really want to be instantly and perpetually updated on the idle thoughts of a 3-year-old?

Sadly, I’ve found they do. Tens of thousands of them do, anyway. To be exact, 25,685 followers want to know what the child of Ms. Spelling of 90210 fame and Dean McDermott of Ms. Spelling fame has to say. And the followers don’t just follow. They actively engage. They write in. They find the child adorable. They note how hysterical he is in the snapshots posted on TweetPhoto. A 3-year-old they don’t know. A toddler they have never met.

Though they have not met, I imagine the followers feel they know Liam. They know his position on vampires and spiders, and they know how he sends his mom off as she leaves for a trip. “Bye, Sexy Poo. You are da Bomb!” That’s worth a lol, right?

I suppose Tori & Dean, together of Home Sweet Hollywood fame, don’t have enough exposure. The kids need to get in on the act, too. Well, it is a family business. But is it our business? How young is too young to tweet? Before they can read and write? Before they can use the toilet proficiently? Birth?

I was just kidding about that last one until I recently found out it’s not a joke. Babies can now tweet in in-utero. The twittering fetal monitoring device, Kickbee, senses when the baby kicks and sends a message to Twitter or an iPhone to update the expectant Papa – and everyone else dying to know the fetus’s every twitch. You’re never too young to start using technology I suppose.

I appreciate the offer for instant fetus updates and the invitation to follow the tweeting toddler @liamsworld. But I don’t think that’s a world I want to enter.